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in high hope. a witness tells us what she saw. >> a new devil slide provide more than the release the urgency to give a one near by business. >> ♪ >> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. >> it's tuesday march 26th. this is bay area news at 7. the device issues of same sex marriage triggers huge exchange today. mcfarland is inside the courtroom. >> reporter: the front of the u.s. supreme cs a wall of people. a rocket's craft. and just secr arguments began the justices ke
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questioned whether if the case should be heard. >> they have no interests in it. it's a law for them just as it's for everyone else. >> legal i am sex marriage is newer than cell phones and the internet. another judge questions. >> when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples. >> would hurt the quote institution >> redefining marriage will have a real world consequences and it's impossible for anyone to for see the future accurately. >> this is a measure that walls off the institution of marriage which is not society's right. >> >> arguments on the federal case, the
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federal band and financial benefits to same sex marriage couples. scot mcfarland ktvu news. the links are posted in the middle of the home page above the hot topic section >> marriage is the most stabilizing force in our society that all americans want to marry the person they love and deserve the freedom. >> we are man and we are woman. >> we have been married for five years, california has not dropped into the seed. nothing has happening in california. >> supporters and opponents of the same sex marriage sees this moment to make their opinions known with their voices and signs. it's still under way right now. behind you jana. >> reporter: that's right, we are outside tht
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building, you can see the people been here since 4:00 this afternoon. i counted about 80 people who are here. these are supporters of gay marriage, many of them have optimistic after today's hearing. >> standing in front of the california supreme court building where the prop 8 legal battle began. >> we need to be here and show our support and show that we are not going to go away. >> people are here from as far away as sacramento and santa cruz. >> you know, what i mean, i should have the people's rights. >> i am happy that it's happening right now. there is going to be a change and a positive change coming out of this when the decision is actually made, i am not sure how widespread that will be.
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>> that was ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeal court. today, many here are optimistic that the u.s. supreme court will allow gay marriage to stand in california. >> i am very optimistic, i am not going to waist my time thinking about possible bad scenarios because you got to have hopes, someone once said in san francisco. >> we still stand with the couples and the families that are waiting for this. >> reverend james agreed, he was put on trial for performing gay marriages. >> we voted for our nation and now we must vote for marriage equality. it's about relationships and justice and lover. >> reporter: this group is planning another t
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. that visual is until 8:00. they'll be out here until 8:00. we have been looking around to see if there is anybody in favor of the prop 8. >> today we sampled some opinion in the bay and found there is a shift in attitude and many people are still not prepared and fully embrace the same sex marriage. >> same sex marriage couples should vl every right. i have a word with the problem f the word marriage. >> i think if two people wants to get marriage of the same sex that's all right but i don't believe bringing children to that marriage. >> other people we spoke to, they said they did not want to appear on cameras.
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last night on ktvu 10:00 news we brought you the story of daniel martinez, in his youtube he reads a letter to chief justice john roberts supporting gay marriage. he too has adopted children like daniel. over the past week, the video has launched more than 200, 000 hit. you can see it yourself under the hot topic section when you go to now to oakland where a family is mourning a woman shot to death. at about 10:30 this morning when she was shot multiple times. motive for the shooting is not known. her son was shot to death in almost the same spot five years ago. napa has propertied a
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homicide investigation. fire crews received a fire call -- when firefighters arrived they say they found a man's body engolfed in flame. >> so far the man's identity is unknown. police say they have not received any missing person report. to end a stand off with a man and a woman barricaded inside a motel room. this started at the 10:00 this morning at the morgan hill moneterey street. they traced to the room where 29-year-old martin florence and 29-year-old erica. they're taken in custody without incident just before 5:00. police say today the action
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of an alert teenager led to arrest of the sex offender. police say a 15-year-old girl was out running when she noticed a man behind her. he followed her home where the family members confronted him. the family called the police. police say just after 6 yesterday evening. the man you see walking on the surveillance video attempted to abduct the little girl. 170 pounds with dark mare and a mustache and a goatee. 5, 000 reward is being offered for information lead to the arrest. tampa police say the girl was on the school's trip today. when she was hit in her left leg.
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>> yes, it was the arrow. it was a regular registrar row, it's not a toy or anything. it was stuck in her leg, it was not poking out on one side, it was just in and was stuck in there. >> the arrow had t ly surgically removed. wells fargo says -- the bank says customers have been having trouble logging on because of a denial service attack. to the point where it can no longer handle the load. an activist group claimed responsibility for the major attack. wells fargo the -- the -- it's
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been called a cue for -- putting san jose ahead of other contenders. it's near a mild stone improving the -- by the end of april it will have pressure test it had more than 6700 miles. this is tsunami awareness week. want all californians in coastal areas to be aware of the dangerer. it can cause tremendous damage that'll run to northern california to vancouver island in canada. the biggest danger is
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here in northern california but such a quake can also hit southern california. the impact already having and what some driver ls have now miss. what the future holds after midnight tonight. the weather is working its way to the area, we'll have what you can expect for tomorrow and your easter weekend.
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investigators are looking at what causing this fire. firefighters told us the fire se third floor unit. damages estimated at $1 million
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and no one was hurt. half of the 28 tole takers rs being transferred to other positions and others are walking away with several packages. drivers who don't pay will be sent of an invoice to the address of the vehicle's registration. >> open today and busy, the new tom tunnel double slide got different reviews. one occasional driver told me he's disappointed. >> i am disappointed because there is no view anymore. it was nice to look at the ocean and see all the stuff. >> after decades regulars are thrilled. >> i could not be more excited
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because i commute back and forth all the time. >> it was a nightmare so we are looking forward for the stability that the tunnel is hoping to offer for all of us. >> for coast side communities, easier access may mean booming business, already today busier than a usual tuesday. >> tunnels are opening now, and things are going to happen around here. it's going to be great for the community. >> it will be cool to have the access to the high way as well. >> should be a bike and hikeing trail along -- ktvu channel 2 news. the agency warns that the side work on the tube is going to cause delays after 10 p.m.
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on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, ing tonight. delays are expected to lasted for 14 months. amanda knox will be exonerated. and, her italian x boyfriend, both were accused of the murder. won't be known until the court releases its full rulings within 90 days. president obama has appointed julie pierce si to head up to the agency. a male dominated the service which is a scandal last year. peer son replaces mark sullivan who restored last month.
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it will offer service plans that are cheaper than at&tthan verizon starting at $50. 00 a month. online news -- the companies reportedly talking about creating a streaming video service offering original programmings and existing television series. less than two hours ago, san jose reached a deal. san san jose -- >> samsung completed a big deal with san jose today and it's a big
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deal for everyone involved. from 200, 000 to almost 700, 000 square feet. >> our vision of constructing a truly unique of landmark building of san jose is a testament to our commitment. >> when samsung first came to me t they figured it was a hundred million dollars difference of the project between austin and san jose. >> aprovered today gives samsung about $7 million of economic funds and tax breaks and reduce fees associated with traffic and construction and utilities. san jose also has one big advantage. >> samsung wants to be here. they want to take apple's employees. while
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most cities are hurting and companies are being corded. >> looking for companies that will be mover to their state. samsung is staying put and that can mean up to $23 million up in revenues. it's a reminder that dealing silicon valley these days that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. in san jose, robert, ktvu news. they're worried about crime as -- grower says he has a permit to grow medical marijuana, he says he may sue the city if the ordinance is passed tonight. speaking in spanish, pedro says he's going to buy a car with his winning. the prize is worth $338 million.
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he's going to get $221 million if he takes a lump sum payment, that works out $122 million after taxes. some of the major players behind the story for the bay area of the basketball program. keep in mind if you are on the go and away from the tv, you can still watch ktvu newscast live on your computer. get the an or go to
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after spending three weeks of the international space -- according to a tweak of space x, the privately owned capital of the pacific ocean this afternoon, dragon brought back more than a tons of science experiments and 13 sets of legos used by the izzcrew to s crew to teach children. with the chance for some
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rain and unfortunately it's just not going to be a lot, we'll be enough to have to get your cars dirty. you may need your umbrella out at some point. looks like we'll get our best shot of some of the steady rain. we are partly cloudy in most areas you can see mostly cloudy along the peninsula. 58 right now in oakland and low 60s. beginning to cool down, winds generally right out there. a little breezy in some spots. the coast around the bay is 10-s per hour. notice all the clouds here off the coastline, not bringing us a whole lot of moistures but a few showers popping up here and again. this week's system is going to be with us through tomorrow. we can wake up with a few sprinkles tomorrow morning and this is the system that's going to bring us some rain in time for the weekend. here is the forecast, tomorrow morning notice that we
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are into the afternoon, but you saw just a little bit of moistures dancing around the bay area. that would be in the morning area, not enough toll slick up the road so much but you will have a few sprinkles on the morning drive. thursday a few scatter showers. friday looks mainly dry. and it's going to sense some rain our way. for tomorrow maybe a sprinkle, and thursday into sunday that cut off load that i mentioned a moment ago, bringing us periods of rain, it's not going to be steady but it looks like the weekend will be our best bet. tomorrow we start at 43. 60 degrees san francisco and low mid 60s for the in land bay. 56 san cruise an extended for cast here with your
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in view. on wednesday, scatter showers on thursday. by clouds and scattered showers in the forecast and easter sunday looks a little bit soggy as well. got you? >> rosemary, thank you. to unvail a new team room. the facility got a make over, thanks to the grant -- he also helps de -- thank you for trusting ktvu news, we'll see you the next time of the news break. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight a proposed marijuana guarded and critics are sounding
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off right now before final decisions is made. keep in mind we are always here for you at and tmz is next right here on tv 36. bloop sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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